Eye Counselling

Counselling is considered as the purposeful conversation to assist decision making. Counselling in our eye care has been evolved and the main objectives are:

  • To develop and enhance the awareness about the eye diseases
  • To boost up the patient compliance towards the treatment
  • To market new services and products
  • To reach patient expectations

In eye care as in other health care there will be so many barriers which prevent patients from the following up with the Doctors advice. It is in this context that the part of the counselor comes into prominence. The major reason for counselling is to convert the non acceptor of eye care into acceptor. Any doctor will be satisfied only if the patient who approaches him for treatment, complies with treatment and follows up regularly. Studies have repeatedly showed that among the persons who require healthcare, only a small minority utilize healthcare. Even the persons who come, listening to the Doctors advice won’t automatically translate into an uptake of the service. These issues will be taken up by the counselors to make sure that people utilize healthcare.

Another main aspect of the patient counselling is also to help patients who have nervousness on aspects of the treatment, surgery, adapting to the hospitalization, resource mobilization. Patient counselling helps such patients to understand about the treatment, length of the hospital stay, cost, prognosis, and plan for their rehabilitation.