Lense Clinic

Contact lenses are tiny lenses which are placed directly on the cornea.They are used in lieu of spectacles. They not only improve the appearance of the wearer, but in many cases improve the visual acuity and “field” of vision namely the “side vision” we have. They also help to avoid fogging of the glasses in different environments.

Since contact lenses are the medical devices which are placed on the eyes, they require an expert fitting and careful instruction, as well as reliable care and compliance with recommended maintainance procedures and eye examinations to maintain a healthy functioning of the eyes.

We have a well-equipped, state of art contact lens clinic which offers an extensive range and variety of contact lenses. Our contact lens clinic has highly qualified and experienced professionals who ensure that the patients are given the best lenses after accurate testing in a professional and friendly environment. Our clinic also boasts of a specialized camera unit for careful recording the patient's ocular health. Regular spherical and toric lenses are dispensed and our clinic also has experts who give excellent contact lens fitting in special cases like keratoconus.

The main motto of our clinic is to give most appropriate and suitable contact lens for your optimal vision and comfort. We offer an enormous variety of different styles, materials, sizes and colors of contact lenses, namely different kinds of regular lenses -daily, soft disposable lenses, standard long term use, soft lenses, prosthetic lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, cosmetic lenses and bandage lenses.

Contact lenses are an extension of your eyes and your eye care is what we care about.