DNB Training

It deals with the training of the candidate to see examine the cases which are present in the OPD. Initially an induction programme will be conducted where the candidates will be taught of basics like refraction and then followed by slit lamp examinations. Each candidate will be posted with consultants in OPD where they can learn whole clinical workups. Indirect ophthalmoscopy, IOP measurement, gonioscopy and handling all ophthalmic instruments will be taught to post graduate students.

Surgical training will start once the candidate becomes well experienced and comfortable with handling all types of clinical cases starting from the examinations to treatments. The candidates are posted in the operating theater on a rotation basis and at these postings each candidate can expose to step wise pre-surgical and surgical workup, pre-surgical preparation.

This is then followed by the stepwise surgical exposure under the guidance and supervision of expert consultant surgeons. Once the candidate is established and has got experience in all the surgical steps are they given independent surgeries. These surgeries will be decided based on the aptitude of the candidate and the surgical hands of candidate. At the end of the training each candidate will be well equipped with all basic ophthalmic surgeries.