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Intraocular foreign bodies (IOFBs) are present in up to 40% of traumatic ocular injury cases. Surgical treatment for the removal of an IOFB is perhaps the most difficult procedure, particularly in intense preoperative workup. An IOFB will be further be complicated by the endophthalmitis, retinal detachment & metallosis, warranting prompt IOFB removal. IOFBs should be removed as early as possible and it mode of treatment is surgery.

Surgery involves removing the foreign body and also repairing the ocular structures which were damaged by the trauma in the best possible way. The normal anatomy of the eye may or may not be restored and the final visual outcome will depend upon the extent of damage to the eye. The repair may also involve injecting a special medical grade oil into the eye which is usually removed later by a second surgery a few months later.

If the IOFB or capsule is impacted in the retina or there are other retinal breaks, the doctor will choose to laser to these areas before removing the vitreous and the foreign body.

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