LASIK is an excellent option for many patients. Custom LASIK was a laser vision correction technique which helps your LASIK doctor for further customize the alteration to the individual eyes. LASIK doctors are able to focus on the quantity and as well as the quality of the vision. Custom LASIK will result in vision clearer & sharper than ever before. Custom LASIK involves by using sophisticated tools called as aberrometers that use near infrared light to establish how your eye alters the light layer by layer as it will travels by the elements of your eye.Customized Lasik Surgery

How Custom LASIK Works:

  • Custom LASIK uses a wave front technology to measure the way light will travels through the eye.

  • This technology is performed by a detailed analysis of the eye which examines the entire optical system. The instrument used will provide detailed information about the unique visual characteristics of the eye, allowing for additional level of the data about your vision. 

  • This, in turn, was enables LASIK doctors to further customize the vision correction. The data is used to guide the laser during the Custom LASIK laser vision correction technique for optimal results.


Custom LASIK is required for some certain patients & desirable for many. Everyone's eyes are different. A pre-procedure consultation with the doctor can helps determine if Custom LASIK was right option for you, that will be based on the particular prescription, healing profile & expectations.

Compared to the other forms of laser vision correction, Custom LASIK was shown or is believed to provide the patients with

  • A greater possibility of achieving 20/20 vision.

  • It was potential, in some cases, for the better vision than compared with contacts or glasses

  • Less occurrence of glare, halos & night vision disturbances

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