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A corneoscleral laceration usually a result of some injury. All attempts to repair a corneoscleral laceration will be done in the operating theater by using an operating microscope by trained ophthalmic personnel.

  • Repair of a corneoscleral tear includes suturing the cornea, sclera (white part of the eye) and restoring the eyes’ original anatomy.

  • For repairing the laceration, your doctor will first estimate the severity of the damage, administer anesthesia and then if needed, suture the globe prior to exploring the wound.

  • Your doctor will suture the limbus (border of cornea and sclera), and perform the technique to treat the prolapsed iris or vitreous (gelatinous mass which fills the space in between the lens and back of the eye) if necessary.

  • Your doctor will then explore the scleral wound and repair the segments of scleral lacerations.

  • The whole procedure is completed by injecting the antibiotics into the eye, suturing the conjunctiva (scleral covering) and by applying an eye patch.

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