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Even in the routine eye checkups where the eyes were dilated, the main aim is to look for the healthy retina. Any areas which were suspect of the weakness need to be strengthened to avoid the most serious issue in the eye, that of a retinal detachment.

If there is any sign of weak area or degeneration (lattice) or retinal holes present in retina, this weak area will be worsen after the LASIK, so one may need to strengthen it by using the Argon laser.

There were some specific tests to be done before an Argon laser in other diseases like diabetic retinopathy or hypertensive retinopathy, which is generally a Fundus Fluorescein Angiography. This test is not needed for the conditions like retinal holes or lattice degeneration.


The Barrage Laser is an Argon Laser treatment which was done to strengthen the weakened areas of retina. During the routine eye check-ups, if the retina is suspected that it is weak, it is treated to strengthen it, by that serious eye problems like retinal detachment will be avoided. Barrage laser treatment is also done to seal retinal tears.

Barrage laser treatment is an out-patient method in which an intense beam of the laser light is focused onto the retina. This procedure will involve dilating the pupil & instilling anesthetic drops. A specialized contact lens is then located on the eye to direct the laser beam. While performing this laser treatment, flashes of the lights were seen by the patient but no pain will be felt when they flashes.

The patient can continue to be perform their daily routine works and activities apart from driving on the day of procedure. You will need someone to take to home after the procedure.

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